Air Conditioning Treatment

Keep your vehicle’s ventilation system hygienic and free from allergens. Fortron’s anti-bacterial Air Conditioning Treatment is specially formulated to eliminate bacteria and fungal growth within the air conditioning system.
Don’t mask bacteria and odours in your vehicle, eliminate them with our air conditioning treatment. Bacteria, mould and fungi which cause unpleasant odours and allergens are eradicated from your vehicle’s ventilation system within minutes and replaced with a fresh apple fragrance.
Application: Whilst the engine is running, the air conditioning is switched on and the ventilation system is put on recycle. The treatment is then released in the direction of the recirculation vent and enters the recycle vent cleaning the deepest recesses of the system.
Recommended for use any time of year to keep your air conditioning sanitised and guaranteed for six months.
Use in conjunction with Fortron OZONE machine.

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