ECOMAX DUAL Service Equipment

A 6 in 1 cleaning system that removes problematic deposits from combustion chambers, injectors, throttle body, inlet valves, EGR, manifolds and DPF. Effective cleaning for petrol and diesel engines, eliminating the need for injector removal. The Injector Max system cleans and restores original fuel flow, allowing maximum fuel efficiency.

• Dual Tank – Avoids cross contamination of fluids.

Robust and reliable workshop quality machine
• Air operated and simple to use
• Universal fitting kit
• Suitable for petrol and diesel engines
• Fluids premixed and ready to use

After Service Benefits
• Cleans DPF and Catalytic filters on vehicles
• Reduces exhaust emissions
• Restores fuel economy and engine performance
• Removes carbon deposits
• Cleans injectors


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Petrol RTG

Diesel RTG


DPF Restore

Diesel Intake


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