Hi-Tane Diesel Fuel System Booster

The Hi-Tane Booster has been developed particularly for the purpose of increasing Diesel Cetane – resulting in improved overall engine performance. The Hi-Tane Booster will increase Fuel Cetane rating by as much as 4 points. This product has been designed to increase engine performance and help maintain an efficient fuel system by aiding in the removal of carbon and resin deposits.

Summary of Benefits
• Contains a cleaning agent to effectively clean the entire fuel system.
• Increases Diesel Cetane rating by as much as 4 points.
• Improves lubrication and corrosion protection.
• Helps reduce exhaust emissions and rough idle.
• Improves low temperature starting.
• Safe with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).
• Suitable for Hi-tech common rail and direct injection diesel systems.
• Compatible with recognised bio-diesel fuels.

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