Engine Stop Leak

Fortron Engine Stop Leak is scientifically blended to effectively and quickly help ‘O’ rings to regain tolerance and flexibility. It will also help reduce oil consumption and stop annoying oil leaks. Engine seals become brittle and allow oil leaks over the course of time. Fortron Engine Stop Leak when added to crankcase oil (a carefully formulated ash free synthetic seal conditioning agent designed to increase the efficiency of seal elastomers commonly used in automotive engines) will after a gradual take up, stop oil leaks.

Summary of Benefits
• Helps restore the tolerance and flexibility of engine seals
• Helps stop engine oil loss
• Helps reduce oil consumption
• Suitable also for:

– Power Steering
– Gear Box
– Differentials
– Transfer Cases
– Motor Cycle – Shock Absorbers Hydraulic Systems – other than brakes

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